Web Site Design

Starting from scratch? I can help you develop graphics that will deliver your message with style and impact. Check out the Gallery to see some of my design work.

Web Site Construction/Redesign

If you already have graphics, you're well on the way. I can assemble your content into a web site that looks great on any browser - any platform.

Web Site Hosting

Once the site is complete, I can host it at very competitive rates. Contact me for the most current rates.

Social Media Integration

Like 'em or not, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and all the rest are part of our current web world. It just makes good business sense to integrate social media elements into your site.

Flash Authoring

If you've ever been to a web site that has a lot of very cool animation, chances are it's Flash. I can incorporate Flash elements or even construct your entire site in Flash. Click here to see some examples.

Video Services

Video is one of the most dynamic and impactful components of a site. It's also one of the fastest and easiest if you already have the video in some form. If you need to develop the video, I can help here too. I have produced many videos.

Dynamic Web Site Deveopment

Do you have content you would like to update yourself - without having to learn HTML? I can incorporate dynamic elements into your site that will allow you to easily add or edit content. It takes a little longer to develop, but can save you a lot of money in site maintenance.

Web Site Maintenance

Inevitably, your site will need to be updated. Rest assured I'm only a phone call (or an e-mail) away. My turnaround for updates is usually less than 24 hours - and very often within an hour.

How much to you charge?

Good question. For more good questions and all the answers, visit the FAQ page.